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Child Rights

Awareness campaign against child labour

Child labour is one of the worst forms of slavery; despite of several laws to abolish it, the phenomena not only exist but also steadily increase in many new forms. There are various reasons for this social evil major one being poverty and ignorance. There are over 6 crores of child labours in India.

This is the vicious circle in which the rural poor move around with no escape. There are various industries in which the children are employed but in the Deoria district we can find children working mostly in Brick Kiln, agriculture, domestic, hotel/restaurants garages, and work as rickshaw pullers.

For prevention and eradication of child labour VSA conducted some activities like non-formal education, vocational training, income generating programme for mothers of child labourers with local people.

Non- Formal Education:

Non formal education signifies an educational arrangement out side the formal school system. In VSA context, non formal education is conducted for the released child labourers/out of school children in the age group 6-14 years. A part time system of education, which enables such children to participate in the equivalent of primary or elementary education, is officially labelled as non formal education.

Education of released child labourers in this place is big problem therefore VSA is conducting two NFE centres at Sirsia and Mahadeva for the released child labourers /out of school children. In these NFE centres 68 children have completed their course and are enrolled in formal school for higher education.

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