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Our Mission

• VSA works with underprivileged and marginalised women, children, Adolescents and Disables through a holistic approach, with a prime focus on livelihood development.

• VSA is committed to bring about positive changes in the quality of lives of the deprived people by making available education, comprehensive health services, micro credit as well as other social services that the enable them to exercise social-economic rights.

• VSA firmly believes that emphasizing an inclusive gender approach, community participation and working in integration and collaboration with Government and other relevant organization enhances the qualities of women’s lives.

• VSA will continue to distinguish itself, as a development organization oriented to holism by maintaining professionalism through competent staff to meet the organizational and community needs. The organization is striving to make itself institutionally, program wise and financially sustainable without compromising with quality.

• Vsa provides girls a safe and healthy environment to address social, emotional and educational deficits by offering a continuum of services that empower them to become self- sufficient young women who contribute to their communities.

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