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School on wheel

School on wheel

Education is one of the bases of socio-economic and political empowerment. It has endowed capabilities of social transformation towards equality. Ironically, the provisions of basic and compulsory education for many are still a distant dream. It is worth mentioning that the working children/child labourers are one of the worst hit communities of such a reality today. These working children/child labourers either do not enroll in schools or dropout within first year of schooling. Majority of these children belong to the most disadvantaged sections of the society and in absence of socio-economic & educational support they find school education an impossible dream.

VSA would keen to provide free education to vulnerable children from weaker sections of society through ‘School on wheel’, which will take education to children who for various reasons can't attend school regularly.

This project also aims to bring education at the doorsteps of the poor and needy children through School on Wheels’, in the project area. It would be a full-fledged bus which will pick up 20-25 children, including those working at Dhaba/ hotels, brick-kiln, construction sites, agriculture, animal grazing and also working with hawkers /shoes makers and teach them in the vehicle itself. It will include basic literacy (teaching basic reading, writing and counting) and social skills. It will also used as a vehicle by which students can take recreational field trips to a number of sites including parks, historical places, police station, hospitals and a bank to give them more exposure to them.

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