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Vocational Training and Skill Development  “ Samarth”

“ Samarth”

VSA runs a Training and Information centre for marginalized women/Adolescent girls to provide vocational training which is known as ‘Samarth’. Samarth (a unit of Self Help Group) is governed by working women of unorganized sector mostly labourers that create opportunities for themselves to earn livelihood by utilising their inherent abilities and provides accommodations as per their needs. The underlying principle of this Project is creating livelihood opportunities for marginalized women and Adolescent girls, ensuring their involvement in the process, and promoting their inherent abilities and providing equal opportunities as per their needs. VSA trained 24 girls every year in different vocational skills like beauty culture, tailoring, Bags making, candle Making and computer through its vocational training programme ‘Samarth’.

Samarth is engaged in making products such as Greeting cards, Diaries, photo frames, Bags, Folders, chocolate Boxes, Baskets, candles, Organic Aroma Gulal & colour ,other fancy gifting cloth and Jute Items.

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