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Women Empowerment

In the every society in the world, role and rights of women & men were never same. Women were never looked at as equals in any society in the world. The social structure in the present society gives more power and resources to men than women. Women have always been confined to the traditional occupation of home making. Women in developed countries enjoy better facilities and liberty than their counterparts in the developing countries. Even though women work hand in hand with men in the villages in the agricultural and other activities, they are never considered equal.

Women empowerment depends on educational, social, economical, political and various other factors. Only through proper legislation and strict implementation of the law these factors can be achieved. Women empowerment can be measured only when they are given equal participatory powers in legislation and when they become economically independent. And this can only be achieved by improving their educational background and reaching a level at which they are able to make decisions.

VSA provides girls a safe and healthy environment to address social, emotional and educational deficits by offering a continuum of services that empower them to become self- sufficient young women who contribute to their communities.

The Empowerment of the women in the field of SHG, Vocational training and education would solve most of their problems and give them self sufficiency.

The focus of this Project was to create opportunities for marginalized women and to ensure livelihood for them on basis of involving the person with their inherent abilities and provide accommodations as per their needs.

SHG Formation and Training:

Self Help Groups are considered to be the foundation stones of any micro social structure, where women are given preferences with this idea in mind the organization provides training for SHG formation in different parts of Deoria District. The villages in which this programme was introduced had never seen a novel idea like this before and the village folk were amazed at the very idea of an organized SHG. In order to carry forward the advantages of SHGs and to spread the awareness on the matter a training programme is conducted in each village. The content of the training programme is formation of SHGs, management & administration, record maintenance, member selection procedure, and duties & responsibilities of each member.

Income Generation Programme

For the empowerment of women in the rural area, as well as in the urban areas, economic independence is an unavoidable factor, only those women who are economically independent can said to be empowered. Keeping this in mind, the organization came up with the idea of income generation programme for the rural women in the above said area. Income generation in any particular area has to go hand in hand with the resources and marketability of the particular area. So, the organization provides training women in villages of Deoria.

Besides this as an experimental measure, training in kitchen Gardening is also given to women in villages in the above said District.

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