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About Us

About Us

Voluntary Service Association (VSA) is a community based NGO established in 2001, which represents the culmination of ideas and efforts of many like-minded people and organizations that were engaged in restoring and empowering the vulnerable and neglected sections of society such as women, children and other disadvantaged groups. In this process it was realized that if all these effort could be united only then would it create a visible and sustained change in society because despite putting serious efforts, the level of changes in the target group were not as desired. The in-depth analysis of interventions at grassroots formed the very basis of VSA.

VSA has started its work from Deoria district in Eastern Utter Pradesh, India. It is economically one of underdeveloped districts of the state completely untouched by the progress made by other parts of the country after nearly two decades of globalization and liberalization. The whole District is known as a backward area and most of the population is categorized as being BPL. The livelihood of most of the population depends on agriculture and allied activities. The size of average land holding is very small, which is quite inadequate to generate proper income, many and larger families are landless. Conditions such as this forces people to migrate and even that doesn’t provide much respite. The result of all this is overpopulation, high rate of malnutrition, various diseases and many other health hazards. These circumstances also lead to large numbers of dropouts among Dalit children, whose parents are involved in the informal sector; many children of informal workers do not attend school. Instead, children are either engaged in livelihood related work or child rearing of their siblings. These sections of society are unable to meet their livelihood needs and Government sponsored programmes don’t reach to needy.

VSA currently works in selected villages in 3 districts across 2 states through small teams based in the field. The focus of its work is to promote and strengthen livelihoods for the rural poor and Migrant labour. This involves organizing them, enhancing their capabilities, introducing ways to improve their incomes and linking them to banks, markets and other economic services. VSA comprises professionally trained people motivated to use their knowledge and skills to remove poverty by working directly with the poor.

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