S. No. Project Achievements
1. Education for All 2000+ children trained and enrolled in mainstream school directly through remedial and non formal education
2. Enhancing Employability through Vocational and Skill Development training under ‘Sankalp’ integrated slum development programme 150 Underprivileged youth trained in employability skills, At least 70% of the trained beneficiaries placed for right job or engaged in self employment. Enhanced economic status of 200 poor and vulnerable households
3. Environment and Health (Sabke Liye Sabke Saath) 2000+ trees planted in different schools and villages. Also more than 100 rally and awareness camps organized.
4. Child Labour Rehabilitation 200+ child labourers rescued from hazardous work places and rehabilitated as per their needs. More than 50% youth trained in employability skills.
5. Vaccination Drive for Communities 500+ households received information and support for vaccination
6. Covid-Vaccination Sensitization More than 50 awareness camps and meetings organized in rural areas
7. Ensuring Right to Education towards benefiting underprivileged children in Sanjay Colony, Delhi Enhanced skills of 200 underprivileged children and youth
8. Remedial Education and NFE Centre 200+ children received remedial education and enrolled in the mainstream schools.
9. HIV/AIDS Awareness Program More than 100 awareness camps organized in rural and slum areas
10. Computer Training 150+ underprivileged youth received computer training