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This website is solely dedicated to providing information about the charitable initiatives and projects undertaken by VSA NGO in various regions. By accessing this website, the user affirms that all the information presented, including brochures and promotional materials, is intended strictly for informational purposes. The user acknowledges that they have not relied on this information for making any donations, contributions, or commitments to the NGO's projects. None of the content on this website should be construed as solicitation, advertisement, endorsement, or an invitation to contribute or engage in any specific charitable activity or project. VSA NGO holds no responsibility for any outcomes resulting from actions taken by users based on the materials/information provided on this website.

Please take note that VSA NGO does not verify the accuracy or compliance status of the projects mentioned. Individuals interested in participating in or supporting any of the listed projects should conduct their due diligence before committing to any contributions.

Updating the Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is subject to periodic reviews and changes, without prior notice. To stay informed about any updates, we encourage you to revisit and review the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

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